Basement Renovations Can Add Value and Use to Your Home

Barrie basement renovations

Whether you’re looking to create a movie room, relaxation area or party space, a basement renovation can be a great way to add value and use to your home.

Before getting started, it’s important to make sure you have all of the necessary permits and that your project is safe to work on. Besides building permits, you may also need to obtain permits for electrical work and plumbing.

Drywall Replacement

Drywall can be susceptible to damage from a number of things. Whether it’s a doorknob that’s broken, a crack in the drywall caused by settling, or water damage.

Whenever you notice a drywall crack, it’s important to get it repaired immediately. Not only will this prevent the crack from widening, but it will also help prevent mold and mildew growth.

Small holes in drywall can often be fixed with paint, but larger holes are usually best left to the professionals. This is because a hole that’s larger than four inches across can weaken the wall and ceiling structure.

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is a great way to make your basement habitable again. It can fix damp issues that cause mold and mildew to grow, as well as help improve the quality of the air you breathe and reduce your energy bill.

Exterior waterproofing is another option, but it’s not always a viable choice because of the need for excavation. It can be expensive and disruptive.

Alternatively, interior drainage systems can be installed to divert water from leaks in the walls and floor of your basement. They can be a simple solution to leaking basements, and can also be an excellent way to avoid the need for excavation work.

Plaster Repair

Plaster walls are a common feature in older homes, and while they are sturdy, they can crack. Fortunately, our Barrie basement renovations contractors can efficiently and cost effectively make repairs to prevent future damage. They can also show you the best ways to update your basement using a variety of materials and techniques, from new paint to refinishing your flooring.

Stairs are a must have in any finished basement, not just for the obvious functional reasons but also to increase your resale value and improve your quality of life. Our Barrie basement renovations contractors can handle all of your stair needs from installing a basic set to designing and constructing custom staircases tailored to your needs.


Stairs are an important part of any basement renovation project in Barrie because they help provide access between floors and make the space more accessible. They also add both style and function to the room.

If you want to revamp your stairs, it’s important that you sand down any spackling and smooth out the surface before you begin painting. This will ensure a smooth finish and eliminate any lumps that could show through the paint. For best results, use a rotary sander to go over the entire staircase surface. Then, spray on a primer before you start painting. This will help prevent the paint from leaking into cracks and crevices, which can lead to moisture issues and mold growth.

Mouldings & Trims

One of the best ways to dress up your basement is with mouldings, trims and other decorative features. They can make a big difference in the way the space feels and can even help you hide small flaws, such as a rotten door hinge.

They can also show off your fancy new fixtures and appliances in a stylish and practical manner. For example, crown molding can be a real eye-catcher when it is mounted correctly in the right space.

Basement Door Installation

Barrie basement renovations offer homeowners a way to make their spaces more functional. A transformed basement can serve as a guest bedroom, exercise room, home office, or more.

Providing access, egress and easy storage to your basement can improve the value of your home. A qualified foundation contractor can advise you on the best solution for your needs.

The exterior staircase and door opening are integral parts of any walkout basement, so accurate construction is critical. Your foundation contractor will follow the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a weather- and watertight fit.