Delivery Date Plugins For WooCommerce

Displaying estimated delivery dates to customers is one of the key features eStore owners can offer their customers, and in this article, we’ll explore various WooCommerce delivery date plugins which allow this.

The YITH WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin is well-regarded for its functional capabilities, offering accurate shipping estimation for specific products, shipping zones and shipping methods – with plans starting at $99 annually billed.

Estimated Delivery Date

YITH Delivery Date is an intuitive plugin designed to display shipping details below product short descriptions on shop and checkout pages, with handy tooltips explaining their effects.

This approach can be particularly helpful if your products require additional preparation time before shipping, enabling you to avoid customer loss by communicating clearly about any delays.

This plugin helps you calculate expected delivery dates using multiple rules that can be combined together. For instance, you could set different delivery days based on shipping class or zone – ideal if items ship differently, like when being delivered from New York versus Canada. Furthermore, it is possible to configure this plugin so as to exclude holidays in its calculation of expected delivery dates, providing more accurate estimation of how long it will take your orders to reach their destinations.

WooCommerce Delivery Slots

Dreamfox Media’s WooCommerce plugin makes allowing customers to select their desired delivery date and time slot easy on product pages, offering quick customization for branding as well as charging extra for same day or next day deliveries. It can even charge extra!

Many customers put off purchases due to not being at home or work to receive them when it is convenient. With YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date, you can reconnect with this large portion of your customer base by giving them the power to select when they’d like their items delivered during checkout.

Under ‘Time Settings,’ you can customize delivery times on multiple levels (global, product and variation). In addition to setting your global delivery times and times per product variation (global, product and variation), adding delivery fees or restricting dates/times per specific product – giving customers more confidence about your delivery services – leading to higher sales figures! Furthermore, this plugin enables you to customize its appearance within Cart and Checkout pages as well.

WooCommerce Delivery Time Picker

If your customers wish to select their delivery date themselves, this plugin enables them to do so via an option displayed under product description on both cart and checkout pages, as well as being included in their order receipt email.

The plugin also enables you to set off days (i.e., days on which no deliveries will take place), customize text for prev, next, today and weekdays and show different calendar languages for customer convenience.

Notable features of this plugin include its ability to display a note below the date and time picker, such as your business hours or shipping cut-off times. Unfortunately, there is no free version; rather it costs $29 annually but still makes for an excellent way of setting delivery times; for example if you run a restaurant that delivers, this can ensure customers do not place orders outside your business hours and end up disappointed.

WooCommerce Order Delivery Date

With this plugin, you can display an estimated delivery date for each product on its shop page, shop archive pages, cart page, checkout page and order details page – as well as in an email sent directly to customers when placing their orders. Furthermore, this plugin enables you to set different delivery days based on shipping classes (fragility, weight or dimensions), zones or other criteria.

Customers can select their delivery date and timeslot on the checkout page, increasing your conversion rate while providing shoppers with convenient purchases at convenient times. The plugin offers both a free version as well as premium packages ranging from $99 to $249 annually and supports local as well as global deliveries; holidays can even be set where delivery services won’t be provided or you may charge additional fees for certain days or time slots.