Wedding Photo Editing Service

wedding photo editing service

An editing service for wedding photos can save time, improve image style and impress clients while relieving photographers of their workload – something especially crucial if they have multiple clients.

This service provides high-quality retouching. They specialize in removing unwanted hairs, smoothening out skin texture and adding colors for enhanced effects. Their prices are competitive while returning clients receive discounts as they return again and again.

Edited By Artists

Edited By Artists offers high-end wedding photographers an affordable post-production service with personalized touches, flexible pricing, and an expansive portfolio. Their user-friendly website makes ordering editing services simple with one click!

Experienced retouchers make up the team at this company, understanding each photographer’s work as well as different lighting situations and editing styles. Together they work closely with clients until they are happy with the final results.

This photo editing service offers a range of services to photographers in portrait, fashion and product photography. They specialize in eliminating wrinkles, whiten teeth and smoothen skin for flawless finishes while improving color contrast saturation for more professional results. Their turnaround time is fast while prices remain competitive; additional services offered to photographers include Lightroom HDR presets and Photoshop water textures as freebies along with helpful tutorials available via blog posts and tutorials.

The Image Salon

They offer a user-friendly website where you can register, upload photos, and get a price quote in just minutes based on your image(s) and request(s). Once an order has been placed, editors will complete it within an agreed upon timeline.

Quality work and outstanding customer service. If you have special requests, you can even speak directly with the editor who worked on your photo directly! Plus they offer special discounts for repeat clients!

This company is also actively involved in charity projects, such as providing meals to homeless individuals through Benoit Labre House. Their staff kitchen was turned into a food preparation station to prepare 160 dishes that were distributed. Furthermore, they participated in community events and provided assistance to families affected by terrorist attacks, demonstrating both teamwork and tolerance skills in action.


If you need an efficient photo editing service that doesn’t compromise quality for speed, consider WeEditPhotos. They provide services including retouching portraits and airbrushing images as well as fixing stray hairs to make skin appear flawless; improving colors of photos to create more visually attractive compositions; fixing stray hairs in photos that may have fallen out; fixing stray hairs where possible and even fixing any unwanted spots on faces that appear unattractive due to natural elements; fixing stray hairs which could otherwise appear; fixing any unwanted spots that exist and airbrushing images as well as fixing hairs that arises as needed; all these services provided at incredible speed by WeEditPhotos!

Their pricing policy is transparent, and they have an excellent reputation among photographers. Order photos directly on their website and they’ll deliver them back within several days – they even offer free trials with friendly customer support!

Retouchers at Photobox offer a comprehensive array of photo editing services and offer discounts for regular clients, making them an excellent choice for wedding, fashion and product photography. Their expert retouchers can help achieve stunning results for your photos that reflect your individual style while eliminating wrinkles, whiten teeth and remove blemishes from skin surfaces.


Wedding photos are an integral part of every couple’s special day, helping preserve memories of all of the joyful moments from their special event. Additionally, these photographs serve as a tangible reminder of all of the hard work, energy, and love put into building their marriages.

WeddingRetouching is a professional photo editing service specializing in retouching wedding photographs. They offer various services, such as color correction and image retouching. Their portfolio showcases before-and-after examples of their work; additionally they offer two packages tailored towards wedding photographers: Wedding Light for $99 and Wedding Pro at $159.

Some wedding photographers opt to hire a photo editor to retouch their photographs, yet finding someone skilled at doing so can be challenging. Wedding photos are complex affairs and needing them retouched requires considerable skill. When searching for an editor that will retouch wedding images successfully, keep the following factors in mind.